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Drywise Southeast Asia

Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer

Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer

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Drywise filament dryer is a device designed to remove moisture from 3D printing hygroscopic filaments like nylon, which are particularly sensitive to moisture.

Moisture negatively affect the quality of 3D prints by causing issues such as layer separation, bubbles, and inconsistent extrusion. The Drywise filament dryer uses heat and air circulation to remove moisture from the filament before it is used in the 3D printer. 

What is included in the box?
  • One (1) Drywise In-Line Filament Dryer
  • Two (2) Desiccant cartridge (pre-filled and dried)
  • Twelve (12) O-rings (of which 2 are already installed)
  • O-ring adjustment and replacement tool
  • PTFE Tubing (to link Drywise to your printer)
  • Firmware upgrade cable (USB to USB-c)
  • Heat resistant gloves (pair)
  • User manual (in PDF format)
  • Spool holder (in STL format for 3D printing)

Delivery lead time: 2 weeks

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