Collection: Toolmoon tBulb2

It is not only used for 3D printed lamps

The tBulb is designed to provide soft mood lighting and compatible with 3D printed, paper, laser cut or other DIY decorative lamps and accent piece, such as the Hidden Honeycomb Lightbox.

Both variants are identical in power, and only differ in the type of connector used, Straight or Elbow, which can accomodate different fitting and placement scenarios in your decor.

tBulb 2 Specifications

Dimensions : W:25*L:25*H:30 mm
Item Weight : 55g
Voltage : DC5V
Type of Bulb : LED
Wattage : 1W
Luminous Flux : 70~90lm
DC3.5/USB Connector, USB connector with touch dimmer switch on the line.

Aluminum-Alloy Made Lamp Holder

Aluminum light socket with 1W LED warm yellow light, quick radiation

Big Screw Thread and Port Module

1.5 circle Screws & Nuts makes the tbulb easier to be assembled. If you want to use tbulb on your own lamp, all you need to do is to download our big screw thread file to your 3D mode.

DC Connector

With DC 5V design, you don’t need to spend much time on power adaptors anymore.

USB Connector with Touch Dimmer Switch on the Line

Suitable for 5V USB ports such as computer, mobile phone adaptor and portable battery.

Simple Two-Step Design Integration

Toolmoon tBulb 2 - 16mm Thread with Positioning Reference Toolmoon tBulb 2 - 16mm Thread with Positioning Reference

Drop in thread

Designing for the Toolmoon tBulb 2 is a two step process, quick and easy: Position this STL at the intended location of the thread and perform a boolean subtraction operation (Example performed using Materialise Magics ).