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Drywise Southeast Asia

Pre-Heater Add-On

Pre-Heater Add-On

The Drywise Pre-Heater add-on is designed and built for use in combination with Drywise Inline Filament Dryer. The Drywise unit is intended to facilitate the printing with hygroscopic materials, from short to very long prints.

When used with the Drywise Inline Filament Dryer, the Drywise Pre-Heater add-on delivers a more flexible, efficient and reliable solution for handling and processing filaments. The Drywise Pre-heater expands the material compatibility offered by Drywise, by pre-treating the filament before it is fed into the Drywise dryer. The attachment is essential for reliable and consistent drying of specific material types prior to drying. These materials include carbon and glass fiber filled materials and other specific material types

Delivery lead time: 2 weeks

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