Essentium launches four 3D printing adhesives in partnership with Magigoo

Essentium launches four 3D printing adhesives in partnership with Magigoo

Essentium has announced the launch of four Essentium 3D printing adhesives designed specifically for products within its materials portfolio in partnership with Magigoo.


The Essentium 3D Printing Bed Adhesives – Powered by Magigoo have been designed to work with the heated bed of the 3D printing vendor’s High Speed Extrusion (HSE) platforms, which can reach temperatures of up to 200°C. Despite the high temperature of the HSE print bed, the adhesives have been developed to keep printed parts firmly in place during the build and easily release them once the bed has cooled down.

With the launch of four bed adhesives, Essentium and Magigoo have been able to cater for a significant number of Essentium filaments. In addition to standard and high temperature filament adhesives, the companies have developed a nylon filaments adhesive to work exclusively with Essentium’s polyamide materials and a flexible filaments adhesive to work exclusively with its thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials.

Essentium believes the adhesive products will contribute to the increased consistency and reliability of printed parts without needing to use rafts, tapes or harsh chemicals, and is also introducing a large sized (120ml) adhesive to meet the growing demand for industrial 3D printed parts.

“Continuous innovation across the entire 3D printing ecosystem is central to the revolutionary shift to large-scale additive manufacturing and Essentium is committed to providing a powerful platform to help manufacturers drive significant performance improvements,” commented Brandon Sweeney, Essentium co-founder and Head of Materials R&D. “For customers, these new adhesives enable high-quality prints every time while also being solvent-free and environmentally friendly.”

Source: TCT Magazine

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