BCN3D Improves End-User Experience by Adding Magigoo Adhesive with Every Printer

BCN3D Improves End-User Experience by Adding Magigoo Adhesive with Every Printer

Spanish leading 3D printer manufacturer, BCN3D, includes Magigoo to their printer boxes to improve user experience and increase the reliability of 3D printing.
BCN3D, having recently raised a seed round of €2.7M, is gearing up to accelerate its growth and improving its value offering by adding in high-quality products and establishing specific partnerships to meet the demands of its industrial customers. Some of the company’s most prestigious customers include BMW, Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Nissan, NASA, HTC and ALBA Synchrotron.
In the past couple of years, with a clear vision to become one of the best 3D printer manufacturers in the world, the BCN3D team has introduced a lot of improvements. Some of these improvements include: the upgrading of its flagship printers Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19; the addition of professional extruders from Bondtech and e3D; and the introduction of IDEX technology. IDEX, which stands for Independent Dual Extruder, allows working with both toolheads simultaneously effectively doubling the production capacity. Updates have also been done to the printing software, BCN3D Cura and certification and print setting optimisation for technical filaments.
This time BCN3D are focusing on the end-user experience. On replacing the common glue from all printer boxes with Magigoo adhesive, Eric Pallares, BCN3D CTO said “We are including for the first time one of the most professional adhesives that can be included in a professional desktop 3D printer.” BCN3D machines are known for their high-quality standard and reliability but a good adhesive is the first thing that one needs to check before starting a print especially with more technical materials or demanding prints. Eric continued ‘Magigoo is allowing us to make our product more reliable than before in terms of user experience.’ This shift follows a rigorous six-month testing period, where BCN3D technicians have tested many 3D printing adhesion products to find the best for their users. Important criteria included user safety, improved user experience (easy application and no-mess cleaning) and no restrictions for logistics. Magigoo was deemed the best.
“We initially released Magigoo in 2015 at the TCT Show in Birmingham. Based on customer feedback from a broad spectrum of users, we have iterated the product to what it is now. From the first formulation the users have been at the center of our efforts”, said Dr. Keith M. Azzopardi, Co-Founder of Thought3D.
In fact, Magigoo is best loved for its water-based chemistry, and the fact that the product uses no hazardous chemicals and is non-flammable, making it safe for the end-user and with no restrictions for worldwide shipping. It comes in a convenient container with an integrated foam applicator and a spring activated valve allowing for easy application, whilst keeping the product fresh for longer. It lasts for a surprisingly large number of prints and its unique formulation sticks most common plastics e.g. PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PVA when the build plate is hot and releases once cooled down. When the print is done, to clean any glue residue, one just needs to wipe the print bed with a damp cloth and water.
Not only does the product focus on the users but so does the company, with Thought3D offering constant and active support. Magigoo products therefore come with a very distinctive added value, users faced with challenges can always reach out to the Magigoo team for support.
Magigoo is produced by Thought3D Ltd in Malta and despite its playful branding and name, Magigoo is now a truly industrial product that has been adopted by multiple printer manufacturers.
“We are delighted to see Magigoo added to BCN3D printer box as the main adhesive. We have for long seen select users of their community using our products with great success and liking the convenience and reliability of it. We are glad to see this trend grow and now become the standard addition to BCN3D offering. We hope our products will serve this community well and we will do our best to keep them happy.” Andrei-Andy Linnas, Co-Founder of Thought3D.

About BCN3D Technologies:

BCN3D Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of desktop 3D printers worldwide. Based in Barcelona, the activity of BCN3D began in 2012 and aims to change the traditional manufacturing status quo by providing reliable, versatile and productive processes.

About Thought3D:

Thought3D Ltd is a R&D company based in Malta. In 2014 the company experienced the first layer adhesion problem first-hand and came up with a novel smart adhesive, that sticks when hot and releases when cold. Today, Thought3D produces and sells Magigoo and Magigoo PRO adhesives worldwide through a network of resellers and industry partners. Thought3D aims to provide a superior user experience in 3D printing.

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