Murphy’s Law 's Tesla Jack Pads

Murphy’s Law 's Tesla Jack Pads

Murphy’s Law Jack Pad Adapters is an American company manufacturing service tools for Tesla electric vehicles using FDM printing. The company runs its printers, day and night all week to produce jack pad adapters using ABS filament with the help of Magigoo 3D printing adhesive.

Figure 1: Assembled Murphy’s Law Jack pad adapters

What are Jack pad adapters?

Jack pad adapters are used to protect the underside of a vehicle when using a car jack. Jack pads are typically placed between the car jack and the jacking point on your car. This prevents damage to frame rails and pinch welds and also prevents damage from being done to painted car components. More importantly jack pads also ensure that there is adequate grip when lifting the car. This will thus reduce the potential for the car to slip off the jack when being lifted
Figure 2: A jack pad adapter in use

The shape of the mounting points on different cars tend to differ, with different car manufacturers using different mounting systems. Through the use of 3D printing Murphy’s Law Jack Pad Adapters are able to create Tesla specific jack pad adapters in-house.
Figure 3: Tesla specific jack pad adapter by Murphy’s Law Jack Pad Adapters

How does Magigoo help?

Figure 4: Murphy’s Law Jack pad adapters being printed on ROBO3D machines

Murphy’s Law was originally using Elmer’s glue stick as a build-plate adhesive, which was messy and left residue on the prints which needed to be cleaned off during post processing. After trying out a number of adhesive solutions, Murphy’s Law standardised on Magigoo, which made their 3D printing process simpler.

Apart from preventing the prints from warping, once the build-plate cools down one can simply take off the print when using Magigoo. Furthermore, Magigoo leaves no residue and a gloss finish on the bottom of the print. As a result by using Magigoo, Murphy’s Law Jack Pad Adapters have made their FDM production process more reliable, simpler and also more efficient.

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Magigoo Product featured in this post

Magigoo Original is the industry leading bed adhesive solution for ABS (as well as PLA, PETG, HIPS, TPU and ASA).

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